Welcome to the site of Anna Ladoshkina. I am webdesigner and developer. More than anything else I love to build websites, so I know about them a lot. In my work I seek for harmony and simplicity and I’d like that every site (probably yours?) becomes a place where visitors want to stay longer.

My own site (this one) is going through the period of re-construction, but it will be opened soon. As for now I’d like to present some of my recent work.

What do I offer?

“I need a site – where should I start? And what’s next?”

service of building websites – from initial draft to deployment

  • concept, structure, content-planning
  • visual design
  • development (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP)
  • help with content creation and publishing
“Nobody visits my site…why?”

audit and consulting for existing websites optimisation

  • efficiency of visual solutions
  • coding standards and errors
  • content efficiency
  • help with resolving of issues found
“WordPress? Maybe I hear something like that…”

participation in WordPress-oriented projects — open-source publishing system

Who needs it?

If your project is connected with creative work, hobby, education or charity and you’d like to share your vision with like-minded people all over the world — you need a website.

Do not doubt — the Facebook profile would not substitute it. Why? Let’s talk about it…